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I'm writing a thing!

So it all started with a dream about banging a demon, and now it is 3600 words of Actual Legit Original Fic You Guys, periodically going up on my tumblr under the oh-so-descriptive demon porn dream tag. (It still contains no actual porn, but there is an increasing amount of naked demon parts!) At some point I might put it somewhere else. Somewhere with, like, comments.

edit: Like AO3! Say hello to Practical Demonology. :D

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This is probably the sort of thing that goes here

I have decided that my brain is the Serenity of brains, piloted by Tiny Brain Pilot River Tam and maintained by Tiny Brain Mechanic Kaylee Frye.

The analogy proceeds thusly: sometimes (fairly frequently, these days) it runs out of fuel or has some kind of critical failure. Its operator is smart as hell but not especially reliable, and may be prone to taking unexpected directions or needing downtime at inconvenient moments. It has significant problems in several major systems and there is no part of it that hasn't seen better days. But its kludgy re-routings get the job done, to a degree that's really kind of impressive once you know how much of them is made of creatively applied duct tape. It is, against all odds, still flying.

Also, somebody keeps having sex in the engine room.

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you don't get a real year in review post but you get this

It amuses me to look at just how many Joker journals I actually have. So:

[personal profile] manofmyword
[personal profile] edgeofyourseat
[personal profile] gunpowdergelatine
[personal profile] truthwright
[personal profile] yovahs_kisses
[personal profile] deslandes
[personal profile] endragoned
[personal profile] cardistry
[personal profile] jackfrostbite

[personal profile] yourheartstrings
[personal profile] growcrooked
[personal profile] treasuresuntold

[personal profile] dream_me_up
[personal profile] fiery_delights

[personal profile] aeskhyne
[personal profile] whipstitch

[personal profile] inhispockets

that's, er. seventeen. seventeen is the number of those that there are.

and there's plenty more on the way. XD

edit: *cough* [personal profile] no_return

second edit: *cough cough* [personal profile] outofthelight

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PSA: I am alive and well and my city is fucking covered in ice

So Toronto just got hit by an ice storm. I'm fine, everyone I know is fine, last I heard on the news there were no serious injuries or deaths, but a shitload of traffic lights are out - I took the bus to my grandma's and although I wasn't looking on the way there, on the way back there wasn't a single working traffic light on the route - and large swathes of the city don't have power. The icicles hanging from the power lines look like Christmas decorations.

I'm one of the lucky few who has both mostly reliable power and mostly reliable internet, but that might change if the wrong tree falls down, so don't fret too hard if you don't hear from me for a little while.

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welp, guess I can knock that one off the list

I dreamed I was sexually assaulted by a boat.

No, it didn't make all that much more sense than you are imagining.

Also, the boat was a subway train - I waited for it on what was basically a subway platform extended over the surface of an underground lake. That part was actually pretty cool in a dream logic sort of way.

I'm adding this to the pile of "things I have dreamed that really seem like they should have been nightmares but were actually just funny". I mean, a boat, you guys. XDDD

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So first I had an absolutely fascinating dream involving an ancient gate to some kind of hell dimension that was going to kill a bunch of people to unleash hell on Earth, and in the dream I was one of the prospective sacrifices and I had to run around and find a magical artifact with which to destroy the gate before it could suck out my soul. There was some eldritch chanting involved.

Then I woke up, and it just so happened that the way I had left my computer chair angled last night made its silhouette against my window look exactly like an enormous penis. This was literally almost the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes. I was somewhat confused until I figured out what was going on.

Ladies, gentlemen, and assorted vertebrates: my life.

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